Stereotypes of disabled people

"Negative imagery and language, stereotypes, and stigma—with deep historic roots—persist for people with disabilities around the world. Disability is generally equated with incapacity" - A report

Disabled people often have to deal with prejudices and discrimination. They are targeted on the sole basis that they are not physically fit like the others, or have learning difficulties, or sometimes because they look different. They have to deal with lack of opportunities throughout their lives. Some of the myths about people with disabilities are -
  • They are brave and courageous
  • All persons who use wheelchairs are chronically ill or sickly
  • All persons with hearing disabilities can read lips
  • People who are blind acquire a "sixth sense"
  • People with disabilities are more comfortable with "their own kind"
  • Non-disabled people are obligated to "take care of" people with disabilities
  • The lives of people with disabilities are totally different than the lives of people without disabilities
  • Most people with disabilities cannot have sexual relationships
  • They won't fit into a team
  • They must have different expectations of life or friendship